Introduction to “MIX” ,Cultural shout of Japanese concert



Today I would like to introduce “MIX" which is the culture of Japanese concert

Before I tell you, I do not understand English at all.
Please read this article after understanding that you wrote with the help of google teacher


What is MIX?

It is a kind of a shout of a concert, and it is composed of words conforming to a certain category and genre.

Basically MIX is done with intro and interlude that scale is about 8 measures

There are also many types of MIX.

Basically it consists of 7 words + 2 words.


Basically MIX flow

I shout “oi" at 2nd beat and 4th beat between the first two bars

I take two bars from there and say “ah 👏👏 yo ssha iku zo-"

※👏=clap one times
※"yo ssha iku zo" means that we will go and go in English

I will perform various MIX from the fifth measures.


※The part of “ah 👏👏 yo ssha iku zo-" is called Shido or Hatsudo
※※Shido or Hatsudo means starting phrase in English

Types of MIX

From here I will introduce the MIX that I have to remember absolutely


Standard MIX

taiga faiya saiba faiba
daiba baiba jaajaa
(faibo waipaa)

Reference video↓