Top 3 trend MIX of 2018



This time I will introduce trend MIX of 2018


Kahen 3 Ren MIX

jinzo faiya faibo waipaa
taigaa taigaa tatatatataigaa
chape ape kara kina chape ape kara kina
myouhontwusuke 👏 waipaa
faiyaa faiyaa tora tora kara kina
chape ape faama ama ama jasupaa
tora taigaa tora taigaa
jinzo seni yettaigaa

※👏=clap one time

reference video↓


Kahen 3 Ren means Variable triplets in English

This MIX scale is with Gachikoi Kojo

Mainly used for interlude


Konton MIX

World Chaos!!(starting phrase)
syogo kogure sigure kagura
kongouzan syosyusya
(kokuun mujou sekai konton)

reference video↓

Konton means chaos in English

Mainly used for fallen chorus
※fallen chorus is quiet chorus before the last chorus

Tanobo mix

tanbo no yousu ga 👏 okasii !

※👏=clap one time

reference video↓

Tanbo means rice field in English
tanbo no yousu ga okasii means The rice field is strange in English

There is a custom to go see a rice field when a typhoon comes in Japan
However, due to a very dangerous act, “the act of going to see the state of rice field" is considered a death flag

“tanbo no yousu ga okasii" is the cry of the Japanese heart who saw a raging rice field

Mainly used for before the chorus in 2 measures.



yosuiro konbain
tanbo no yousu 👏 ga okasii !

It corresponds to 4 measures by doing.

reference video↓


original text in Japanese↓